Once in a blue moon…

…everything changes.

Actually I suspect blue moons are not so rare as they sound, and change happens pretty regularly too though not always with a fanfare and bunting.  Small decisions, chance comments, and a new course is taken.

At least, that’s how my life seems to work.  Here I am, an English woman living in the Netherlands.  How did I get here?  Well, with the ferry.  But before that I made a holiday destination choice, there I met a Dutchman, and then I made the decision to give it all a go.  No big deal, if it doesn’t work out, head for the ferry again.

That was 15 years ago.

What am I doing here, on this site?  A comment was made to me:

You should write a blog.

Okay.  But what about?

About what you’ve done.

What have I done?

Lots of things.



So here I am, trying something new.  I figure no-one’s reading this yet so I can work in gently, find my way slowly, experiment, see how it goes.  Small steps.  And maybe everything will change, maybe a new course is set.

And who am I?  Where, and how, to start.  In no particular order I am a reader, a learner, an ex-teacher, a home-cook, a patchworker more than a quilter, a network marketer, a museum guide, a haphazard gardener, a story-lover, a secret playwright, a dreamer, a last minuter, an ex-dieter, a health seeker, a bit of a pagan, a Terry Pratchett fan, a home-maker (but a really bad house wife), and just generally hopeful.

So I guess that’s a snapshot of what I shall be writing about.

But not all at once.

Small steps.




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