A lot has changed…

Once a week, at least, someone points out to me that I have lost weight.  It’s true, I have. In fact I’ve been conscious of my weight since I was 9 years old, and have spent 3 decades trying to shift it. Up until 4 years ago I hadn’t been exactly successful.  Then everything changed.

To fill in a bit of back story – I know my calories, I exercise, I don’t smoke, hardly drink alcohol, eat a lot of fibre – I have a collection of tried, and failed, diets/eating plans/ lifestyles behind me. And the consequence of 35 years sustained dieting was that I weighed  118 kg.

That’s a lot.

4 years ago my husband started a course and came home with some new ideas. He said – no more dieting.  No more counting.  No more rules – except one:  No more low-fat, diet products.  If you want something have it – and have it full of everything – all you have to do is choose.


I can have anything I want – I just have to choose.  I just have to ask myself do I want it.

Turns out I’m pretty good at choosing.

And I’ve lost over 35 kg.  Now, that’s not a lot per month but it sure adds up.

I still have a long way to go – but that is not daunting because I’m not on a diet. I just choose and that has been the real key for me. The burden of dieting has been lifted and all that entails.

People, having pointed out that I’ve lost weight, want to know the secret – so I tell them what I just told you.  They want more.  They want to hear about the struggle.  There was, and is, no struggle.  I just choose.  And whatever I choose I enjoy and then let it go.

I have also made very specific choices.  No more sugary drinks.  That little rule kicked in – no diet products – and when faced with a glass full of sugar with bubbles I chose water and have never looked back.

Then I chose to walk 30 minutes everyday.  And with out fail I do it, because I enjoy it.

Then I chose to do a body cleanse (c9 – Forever Living Products) – and then I chose to do that every 6 months as the results were so positive.

And I just keep choosing.  I guess what I’m actually doing is choosing to be nice to myself.  I can recommend it.

And now I’m choosing to bake without refined sugar – and a new journey begins, with another small step.


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