Little Houses Scrap Quilt

I’ve re-arranged my life since the summer. Pre-summer I was teaching Drama in a school, but had decided 10 months earlier that it was to be my last academic school year.

It is the 3rd time I’ve quit teaching but this time’s the keeper.

I work part-time in a museum (still teaching – but very different to being in a school) and I work from home with my husband. But now that my head is not full of lesson plans I have re-found my hobby, and my passion, patchwork and quilting. And I have re-found all my UFOs, there are many.

This one was started in 2012. I worked in a quilt shop then (which no longer exists) and it was a year’s challenge – make a house every day. I already knew I wasn’t going to meet that goal so I scaled it down. Then the shop closed down, I went back to my original career – drama teacher – and no more houses were born. Sad face.

imageThe patchwork is completed. Instead of quilting I am knotting each brown square, and the knot is hidden by a sequin and a bead and encircled by a primitively embroidered flower. It is a wall-hanging and so does not need to be too robust.

It just needs to be finished!

After 4 years of not sewing I am incredibly happy to be doing it again and cannot believe how long I laid down my tools. Teaching takes away more than you sometimes realise. Patchwork gives you more than you can imagine….

The original quilt pattern was designed by Jeanneke – a Dutch quilter.



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