A New-Yearly Ritual – the C9 Body Cleanse

Every January for a number of years now my husband and I greet the new year by following the C9 body cleanse program, made by Forever Living Products.  It sorts out all of the excesses of the last few weeks. And by few I mean almost 2 months – the celebrations begin early in the Netherlands with the arrival of Sinterklaas in November. That rolls into December and Christmas which then all pile into the New Year. That’s not the only thing piling – so do the pounds. Oh the joy of a Christmassy biscuit….

The whole blog idea was kickstarted by my niece who wanted to know what the C9 was really like but could only find overly positive and jolly reports of it (we are British after all, over-enthusiasm is viewed with suspicion).  I told her my experiences, both good and bad, and the blog idea was born.


When you order the C9 this is what you get – a box full of goodies: 2 litres of aloe vera gel, a bag of shake powder, some supplements, a beaker, a measuring tape, some fibre drinks and the instruction booklet.


The most important item is not to be found in the box and that is mindset.  You have to want to do it and then it’s not so difficult. Having spent years on different eating regimes 9 days is not an obstacle.  I did 2 years with Weight Watchers.  The C9 is not about will power, it’s more about positive thinking, acceptance of difficulty, and good goal setting.  If you know why you want to do it the 9 days pass pretty quickly.

My goals tend to be to kickstart my system into behaving better, breaking the hold sugar and salt has over me, getting back in to a good exercise routine, and increasing my energy levels. So far that has always worked.  And that’s why I do the C9 every 6 months.

The first 2 days are the difficult ones, because you don’t eat so much, and you drink a lot of aloe vera – the best part of a litre.  You can eat from a list of items so there is no need to feel faint from hunger – in fact you should never feel wibbly-wobbly, it is important to look after yourself and eat if necessary.  This is what we are having today – a green smoothie made from kiwi, green leaves (what is veldsla in English??) and cucumber, and peppers and celery sticks to snack on if necessary.

But that, and the protein shake for lunch, is it food-wise for us today.  So there is hunger, but not starvation. And on day 3 the joyous moment comes when you have a meal again. And, oh, does it taste good!

Hydration is very important, but that is built into the program – you drink a lot of water.  And no black tea or coffee.  My body tends to notice the lack of coffee on the second day when I get a big headache and I realize just how many cups I pack away in a day. By the end of the 9 days I don’t even think about having a coffee which is odd because I am one of those people who professes to ‘need’ a coffee every morning.

Over the next 9 days I will go into more detail about certain aspects of the cleanse, and I will share some of my recipes (roll on Wednesday!).  But the most important thing to remember is that the C9 is simple to follow, and if followed correctly invariably people are pleased with the results (this is based on our clients I must add).

If you want to read more about the C9 already you can find more information on our website:


Wishing you all a healthy and above all happy New Year.




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