C9 – The Ups and Downs

It’s day 4 of my 9 day cleanse already, almost half way there.  It goes very quickly, especially once the first 2 days have been conquered.  The first 2 days are the toughest (unless on day 3 to 9 you go to a party, or the cinema, or out to eat, or wander around a market where you can smell grilled chicken and freshly fried donuts…) because you have little to eat.  The first time I did the c9 I found the first 2 days quite torturous but have since discovered the way to deal with it.  Acceptance.  Accept that you’ll feel hungry.  And don’t think about food.  Have the day 3 meal all planned before you start the programme, and get the shopping done before you start too.  Have things to do.  Being at work is good, the day passes quickly.  If at home have a list of things to keep you occupied.

Do not, I repeat, do not watch ‘The Great British Bakeoff’.

Here is a snap shot of what you can consume on day 1 or 2.

And also imagine a whole row of filled water glasses and several mugs of green tea.  You drink a lot of fluid with the c9 body cleanse.

After 2 days you are ready for the joy of a cooked meal.  Although I must say I never feel as hungry as I think I should.  Day 3 to 9 include an evening meal of 600 kcal.  This might not sound like much but it is very easy to make a ‘normal’ meal.  I find I just have to watch the amount of oil I use.  We begin our meal with a bowl of soup – my chicken soup comes out at about 100kcal a bowl -see:
Simple Chicken Soup Simply Done

Yesterday the other 500 went into a chicken curry, because it’s cold outside and curry is always good.  I use 100g of meat per person, 50g of dry basmati rice each, an assortment of vegetables, and I fry the onion and spices in 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.  And you get a good plateful:

(I forgot to get any coriander so no pretty leaves scattered across – ho hum.)

Tonight we had a simple egg fried rice.  Same quantities of rice and oil and again an assortment of veg, and the 3 free range eggs I needed to use before the end of the week.  I made a pile – and we ate it all…

Everything smells and tastes better than 3 days ago – probably an effect of the cleanse.  Sugar cravings have gone.  Coffee headache lasted a day but that has gone too.  So have a couple of kilos.  And so have, possibly, the entires contents of your digestive system – that’ll be the aloe vera gel.  Everything starts off fresh again.

Tip for meal ideas – buy a ‘Hairy Dieters’ cook book, there are 4 to choose from and the recipes are easy and, more importantly, tasty, and all the calculations have been done. Si King and Dave Myers are my c9 heroes!



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