C9 -Ups and Downs Part II

My C9 experience is almost over, today is the last day.  I was asked to write a blog about the realities of the C9 (available from Forever Living Products) both good and bad.  I stress that what I comment on is based on my experiences, others may have a completely different time with the cleanse, and some may only recognise parts of what I’m describing.

I’m going to start with constipation! Hurrah. It’s a downside of the change in eating pattern.  A fibre drink is taken each day to combat this but for me that’s just not enough.  I am invariably  constipated for a couple of days.  After 3 days it usually sorts itself out, otherwise I take an extra fibre drink or a very strong black coffee.  Once my system rights itself my intestines work like a dream.  It really does feel like a reset button has been pushed.  When choosing my food over the duration of the C9 I do make sure I build in as much fibre as possible and my first lunch (day 9) is usually oat porridge.  It is not difficult to eat fibre, you can have as much celery and broccoli each day as you can stomach!

An up-side to the cleanse is a good night’s sleep.  I find the quality of my sleep improves, and I have more energy than usual.  This also means I am more focussed which helps me to work (I work from home a lot now) and to exercise each day (also a part of the programme).

A down-side is spots, as in pimples, in odd places, for example, on my love handles.  I have been told this is because my body is cleaning itself up.  I don’t know if that’s true, but the spots are certainly real. By day 9 they have gone and I am left with a really lovely up-side, beautifully smooth skin.  I have very dry skin but not during the C9 – I think it’s all the aloe vera gel that is drunk over the 9 days – 2 litres in total.

Another down-side is feeling hungry (we refer to it as the ‘H’ word as even saying ‘hungry’ can make it worse).  There is no real reason to feel hunger as there is a list of fruit and vegetables that you can eat throughout the day, but sometimes celery just doesn’t hack it.  And surprisingly thirst can be an issue. You drink a lot on the C9, but even so in the evenings I often feel thirsty and have to drink a couple of extra glasses of water or mugs of tea.  I suspect I don’t drink enough on ‘normal’ days (ie. the rest of my life) but that food dampens the sensation of thirst (see what I did there!).  I do know that we often mis-read thirst for hunger.

The biggest up-side for me is weight-loss.  Today is the last day and I have already lost just over 4 kg (9 pounds) – a Christmas gained and lost.  Such a positive result sets me up to continue with my healthy lifestyle.  Below are some of the dinners we ate over the week – all under 600 kcal a portion.  In my normal life I count goodness not calories, but it is good to see that our everyday evening meals fit in easily with the C9’s calorie-counting programme – I just have to watch how much oil I use.

And despite all this lovely food what I am really looking forward to tomorrow is a bowl of home-made (well, home thrown together) muesli and almond milk.  Simple pleasures.

If you are interested to know more about the C9 check out our website –




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