Walk it off Wednesday – Log Piles and Beetroot Soup.

Over the years that I have been pacing Veghel’s streets on my daily constitutionals I have seen many log piles.  More people have wood burners than I would have imagined…or did I imagine them because when it came to re-finding them I couldn’t.  Or I could but the householder’s car was parked right in front of the wood stash and I didn’t feel brave enough to wander on to someone’s property and up their drive to take a photo.  And someone is always watching from a window – I may be exhibiting traits of a suspicious person when I whip my ipad out and try to get a good snap whilst trying to look innocent and harmless.

The positive side of not being able to find much was that, whatever the weather (rain, ice, storm force winds) I have been out each day searching.  Without this task I think I would have stayed inside and watched ‘Father Brown’ and ‘Death in Paradise’ endlessly on the Entertainment channel – instead I braved the weather in the hope of finding a log pile or two, or three, or more.  Here’s what I saw:

Not hugely inspiring – not even a dusting of snow to make it more seasonal.  Which moves us on to beetroot, beetroot soup to be precise.  I thought I’d offer as a consolation prize this super simple, super tasty beetroot soup recipe.  Logs are earthy, beetroot is earthy – it’s a link.

All that is needed is a pack of pre-cooked beetroot (approx. 500g), an onion, some garlic, a couple of sticks of celery, 500ml of stock (any will do) and about 20 minutes, if that.

Fry the onion in a little oil, I use rapeseed oil.  Then add the roughly chopped garlic, chopped celery, chopped beetroot and the stock and simmer for 15 minutes.  When cool enough blitz with a…blitzer (the hand-held blender-stick thing, known as a blitzer in my family).  And it’s ready.  And it’s delicious.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Next week’s walk it off theme is bridges – the bridges of Veghel.  I hope the weather is more accommodating, but snow is forecast…


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