Walk it off Wednesday – Bridges…

Not The Bridges of Maddison County, nor the brothers Bridges, but the bridges of Veghel – some of them at least.  I walk over these bridges on a regular basis but rarely stop to look at them; I’m really quite pleased with the results:

But my favourite has to be this one:


It bridges a pond.  It’s such a big structure for what is in reality a duck pond between the houses.  I believe this to be a recycled bridge.  This sort were originally used on the canals in the area which were dug between the First and Second World Wars.  There was high unemployment at that time so the government employed men to dig the canal system.

Bridges are playing a bigger part in my week than I had expected.  Part of my work week involves working at the provincial museum in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, het Noordbrabants Museum.  In just over a week’s time a new exhibition opens, an archaeological exhibition displaying Second World War objects that have been uncovered in the area.  I am really looking forward to it, and am reading around the subject.  I know a fair bit about the war but from the other side of the English Channel.  This area, North Brabant, was occupied (my mother-in-law’s house has bullet damaged brick work), and liberated.  Operation Market Garden happened here, and the Battle of Arnhem (there is a museum in Arnhem that is well worth a visit, as is the war museum in Overloon – also not far away). Back to bridges – my weekend ‘research’ begins with the film ‘A Bridge Too Far’.

My topic for the coming week…tree bark.  My work at the museum is varied and today I spent time with a bunch of 6 year olds who were painting trees in the style of Jan Sluijters…anyway, the pattern of bark was touched upon and I walked home looking at tree trunks.  Decision made.



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