Walk it off Wednesday – Tree Textures

It was a surprisingly calming experience going out and about and just concentrating on tree trunks! Who’d have thought it… The variations in colour were also a bit of a surprise.  Admittedly lots of tree trunks look the same so I searched for ‘different’ and here is what I found:


Isn’t that beautiful? I don’t have a fancy-pantsy camera, I just whip my ipad out whilst trying not to look too suspicious. I am so glad I took on this self-imposed challenge because this collection of photos makes me rather ridiculously happy.

And that’s it – the complete story of tree trunks.  These are the photos I’m most proud of so far, and also the photos that I have the least to say about.

Perhaps that’s how it should be.

This coming week I’m going to pick up a news item that I saw on the BBC yesterday – that Dutch children are happier than their UK counterparts.  One of the discussion points was over outside play and how Dutch children have much more freedom to play out of doors.  They also have more play areas built in to the community.  So that’s my theme – NOT children at play, then I will look suspicious with my ipad – but play parks in the community, EMPTY play parks (so lots of early mornings for me!).


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