Walk it off Wednesday -Underfoot Textures

It has not been walking weather this week.  Typical February fare: damp, cold and grey.  The temperature has fallen again, but not enough to leave even a trace of frost. Everything is grey.

Doom, doom, doom.

However, I have been out and about and staring at the paving beneath my feet. And as hoped, I have walked over a range of textures and patterns.  Maybe it’s the patchworker in me that really enjoys the results of my ‘labour’.  Another 9 patch texture creation:

imageHow jolly is that! Admittedly also mainly revolving around grey, but nonetheless hugely satisfying.

And that was the whole point of the take-a-theme-on-a-walk idea, to give new life to my 30 minutes of walking a day.  In my efforts to find variation I have walked new routes and discovered new parts of the town I live in.

Also saw my first snowdrops of the year.  Life is good, even in February.

I am longing for some good weather though, and remembering the long summer days and outside living.  That has brought me to the next theme for my walks – benches. Places designed for simply sitting down and enjoying being outside.


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