Walk it off Wednesday – Is it Spring Yet…

Benches to sit on, that’s what I was searching for.  I figured I could fill my boots with municipal benches, and I could, but they all tend to look the same.  imageAnd they are mainly covered in graffitti and have a scattering of beer tins around their bases – not so picturesque (this was an exception, and the tinnies are out of shot).

What I did find were a number of benches in front gardens.  This surprised me.  As a Brit I like to sit hidden in my back garden far from prying eyes, or slightly interested eyes, or even glazed over eyes. Privacy is important though I’m not sure why because I’m not usually doing anything note-worthy.  However this does not seem to be a problem to other people who obviously wish to sit in their front gardens.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised – the Dutch often have no curtains to their windows.  In the evening you can see straight in to their homes, watch TV with them from the street if you want to. Sometimes they wave. They are a friendly nation.

I have blinds and I use them.

Next week’s theme is ‘signs of spring’.  The weather has changed, the sun is out and a coat and a jumper were a little too much today.


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