Walk it off Wednesday – Sign of Things To Come…

Signs of spring.  That’s what I have searched for over the past week.  I suspect I have been a little premature with my hopes… As storm Doris approaches, I sit here in a room which is gradually darkening.  I saw the sun twice in the last 7 days.  I saw a lot more rain.  There is a desperation to my photographs, a determination to find spring. See for yourself:


I think I shall be coming back to this theme… I’ll give it a few weeks.

I did see one cherry blossom yesterday (rather too high up to be able to catch it with my trusty ipad), that’s one bloom that is going to have regrets over the next couple of days as storm force winds are forecast.  Points for enthusiasm though.

So we face a couple of rainy February days here.  Perfect weather for patchwork and quilting.  This is my current project – a scrappy star quilt that I started a couple of weeks ago.  image

This week’s walking theme is easy to pick – Carnaval (Dutch spelling – not an error).  Carnaval fever is upon us in this region, the Catholic south of the country.  In Britain we have Pancake Day, in the Netherlands they have an extended party with fancy dress, processions, flags, confetti, songs, dancing and copious amounts of beer.  But more on that next week…


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