Walk it off Wednesday on a Thursday…crocuses and snowdrops.

Yesterday was one of those days where many things went slightly differently to how I had planned.  Including sitting down in the evening to share my photos from the week.

The best laid plans of mice and men…etc.

It has been an incredibly wet beginning to the month. It’s raining now. I’m so British, I just love to point out what the weather is doing.  Despite the rain the sun did break through a couple of times and I took my ipad in hand and headed out. I walk my 30 minutes each day but am unwilling to get my tablet wet so I had to find all my shots in a session or two.

And I am very happy with the results! It really does feel like spring when I look at these.  Not so much when I look out of the window at the drizzle.

This is perhaps my favourite – and it belongs to a house just across the road.  image

One does not have to travel far to find beauty – and that’s good because in this weather I don’t stray too far from home.

It’s such a grey day today I am going to choose a grey theme for the coming week – interesting ironwork.


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